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Straidhavern Primary School, Crumlin

Teddy Bear’s Picnic

15th Sep 2021

🐻 Today’s the day the teddy bears had their picnic 🎼
We arrived to school today with our teddies in hand only to find Miss McClinton’s Teddy Riley had been getting up to some tricks while we were playing some fairytale games outside! He had locked our classroom with Mrs Marks inside! We just had to rescue her! Riley told us we had to complete a treasure hunt the whole way around school finding footprint numbers so the door would open. We collected all the numbers after some searching but it still didn’t work.. We decided if we ordered the numbers maybe it would it would unlock the door! Suddenly .. Click the door opened and Mrs Marks was free! Riley had hidden the last number (20) in the classroom and had set us up the most amazing picnic as our prize! We ate some lovely treats and played party games with our favourite bears! What an amazing day in P1/2 🐻